2 How to Upload Videos on Twitter via Cellphone and Laptop !!

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Want to share a video on Twitter but don’t know how? Check out the correct way to upload Twitter videos below!

On Twitter, we can find various kinds of interesting content that sometimes we don’t even find on other social media platforms, both tweets, photos, and video posts.

As a Twitter kid, have you ever come across interesting content on Twitter?

Among them are motivational tweets, news, meme pictures, funny videos, and naughty comments from netizens.

But don’t you know? In addition to enjoying the content on Twitter, we can also upload content to share with our followers, be it tweets, photos, or videos.

But among these forms of content, uploading videos on Twitter is a problem in itself, because there are still many who are confused about how to do it, and maybe you are one of them.

Or, you already know how to upload videos on Twitter, but often fail or the quality of the video results is low or broken.

Don’t worry, here we will discuss how to upload videos on Twitter correctly, overcome errors, as well as tips so that the videos you upload remain HD quality, aka not broken.

Instead of being confused for a long time, here’s how:

1. How to Upload Twitter Videos via Android Phone

Before following this tutorial, make sure you have an Android phone, a Twitter account, and the Twitter app on your smartphone.

And, don’t forget a stable internet connection, too!

  • Step #1: Open the Twitter app on your Android phone, and log into your account.
  • Step #2: Tap the tweet icon (blue with feathers and a + in the bottom right corner). View image:

  • Step #3: Tap the media icon (mountain). View image:

  • Step #4: Find the video you want to upload from your gallery.
  • Step #5: Crop the video to your liking. If so, click Done.

  • Step #6: Before uploading, you can add a description/comment to the video in the Add comment… column.

You can also add the location of the video.

In addition, you can also set who can comment on your video: it can be everyone, only people you follow, or only people you mention.

  • Step #7: Once everything is done, tap the Tweet button (top right corner) to upload it.

Wait until the upload process is complete.

And, tara… your video has been successfully uploaded.

2. How to Upload Twitter Videos via Laptop/PC

If the above is via an Android phone, now is the time for a tutorial on how to upload videos via a PC or laptop.

In this way, of course you don’t need the Twitter application on a laptop, you only need a browser, it can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or something else.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to also make sure you have a Twitter account and an internet connection, OK!

  • Step #1: Open Twitter.com in a browser, and log into your Twitter account.
  • Step #2: Once done, click the media icon. See image below:

  • Step #3: Then, find the video you want to upload on Twitter, then Enter or click Open.
  • Step #4: Before uploading, you can add a description of the image in the What’s happening? column.

In addition, you can also set who can comment on or reply to the videos you upload. Click Everyone can reply, then select who can comment on the video, whether it’s everyone, only people you follow, or only people you mention.

This of course is optional, yes, it’s free. It’s okay to leave it blank, too.

  • Step #5: When everything is done, to upload it, click the blue Tweet button.

Wait until the upload process is complete.

And, your video has been uploaded successfully…

Why Upload Videos on Twitter Always Fail?

If you have practiced the methods above but always fail, then there could be something wrong with the method or video you uploaded.

Here are the reasons why it failed to upload videos on Twitter:

1. Video size is too big.

The maximum size of videos that can be uploaded on Twitter is 512Mb.

If the video file is too large, then you can compress it with a converter application.

2. Video duration is too long.

The maximum duration that can be uploaded on Twitter is 140 seconds, or 2 minutes 20 seconds.

If it’s too long, you can trim it into sections.

3. Internet connection is slow or unstable

It’s a cliché problem.

If the video upload process is not complete, then you need to check your internet connection.

If it’s too slow, increase your patience because the upload process will take longer.

Video Formats and Specifications That Can Be Uploaded on Twitter

If you upload a video on Twitter but it continues to fail, it’s possible that your video format doesn’t support Twitter’s policies.

Yup, Twitter has policies and conditions regarding video formats and specifications to be uploaded on Twitter.

Here are the video formats and specifications that you must meet in order to be uploaded on Twitter:

  1. Minimum video resolution: 32×32
  2. Maximum video resolution: 1920×1200 or 1200×1920
  3. Recommended video resolution: 1280×720 (Landscape), 720×1280 (Portrait), or 720×720 (Square)
  4. Maximum video size: 512 MB.
  5. Maximum frames per second (fps): 60 fps.
  6. Video format: MP4 or MOV.
  7. Maximum video duration: 140 seconds (2 minutes 20 seconds).

So, if your video can’t be uploaded on Twitter, chances are your video doesn’t meet the specifications above.

To adjust it, you can use Format Factory software, VEED, or other converter applications.

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