5 Ways to Create the Latest Twitter Moment Update, Complete Guide!

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14 followers are still desperate to make a moment on Twitter? Who wants to watch? But that’s okay, here we present a tutorial on how to create a complete Twitter Moment.

Actually, it’s an old feature. Moment Twitter was first released in October 2015, and opened to the public in September 2016.

Because of the old feature, of course there are many new provisions made by Twitter regarding this Moments feature.

These provisions start from how to make Moments, policies for their use, and where we can create Moments at this time.

In this article, we provide a complete description of the Twitter Moment feature, starting from what it means, can it still be used today, how to create Moments, how to view Moments, and much more.

Instead of being curious, let’s continue reading the full review of Moment Twitter below!

What are Twitter Moments?

Instead of how-to, let’s cite a statement from Buffer.com about what a Twitter Moment is.

Twitter Moments is a feature that allows Twitter users to combine multiple tweets into a story like a slideshow.

At launch, this feature was intended to help Twitter users follow a hot topic at any given time without having to follow new people or search for separate tweets.

Simply put, this Moment is a summary of tweets about a particular topic or event.

With the Moment feature, we can present tweets more interestingly than just a Twitter thread.

By default, a collection of tweets that are incorporated in a Moment can be displayed with a cover photo and title.

In addition, the Moment that was created earlier can be pinned to our profile, so that people who visit our profile can immediately open it to enjoy our story.

If you want to equate, the Moment feature is similar to the Highlights feature on Instagram, yes. The difference is that the Highlights feature contains a collection of snapgrams (stories), while Moment Twitter contains a collection of tweets.

Try watching the following video, to understand how it works and how to use it.


Can You Still Create Moments on Twitter?

Twitter’s Moment feature was first launched in October 2015.

Initially, only selected accounts could create Moments on various topics, such as news media, sports, and entertainment.

Then, in August 2016, Twitter allowed the Moment feature to be used by a wider group of influencers and creators.

Now, starting September 28, 2016, the Twitter Moment feature can be enjoyed by all Twitter users.

So, even those of you who only have 14 followers can create Moments on Twitter. But, yeah, what are you doing, only 14 followers, who wants to watch? But, yes, it’s free.

For further development, in the past, Twitter Moments could be made via desktop (laptop or PC) and mobile (Android or iOS) versions.

But now, it’s no longer possible to create Moments on the mobile version, usually only on the desktop version.

So, if you have 14 followers who are still determined to make Moments on Twitter, now it can only be done on a laptop or PC, yes, on Android and iOS cellphones, you can’t even do it through an application.

Even so, we can still, really, enjoy the moments created by other people, both using laptops and cellphones.

How to Create a Twitter Moment

As mentioned earlier, creating Twitter Moments can only be done via the Twitter.com web on a laptop or PC. So, this tutorial is of course using a laptop or PC.

Previously, we detailed what you need to create a Moment:

  1. Title
  2. description
  3. Tweet
  4. cover image

So, first prepare the things above.

If you need inspiration, you can take a peek at the moments created by Detik.com at https://twitter.com/detikcom/moments.

If so, let’s follow these steps:

1. Go to Moment Maker

If you want a quick step, you can go directly to the Moment Maker page at https://twitter.com/i/moment_maker/, then click Create.

Here are the steps to get to the Moment Maker page.

  • Step #1: Open Twitter.com on a laptop or PC browser, then log in to your Twitter account.
  • Step #2: Click More in the Twitter Navigation Menu (On the left), then select Moments.

  • Step #3: Click Create.

  • Step #4: Already, you will be faced with the Moment Maker page as shown in the following image:

2. Create a Title and Description

Next, you need to create a title and a short description of the story that you will create in Moment.

The method:

  • Step #1: Click the pencil symbol next to Add a title.

Create a Title and Description

  • Step #2: Then fill in the title and description that represents the contents of the Moment you created.

  • Step #3: Once done, click Save.

3. Inserting Tweets in Moment

In inserting tweets into Moments, you are given 4 options to search for the tweets you want.

Here are 4 options that you can use to search for the tweets of your choice:

  1. Tweets I’ve liked. Based on the tweets you like. There will appear a list of tweets that you have liked.
  2. Tweets by account. Based on tweets from an account. There, you can search for an account in the Search for Twitter account column, then a collection of tweets from that account will appear.
  3. Tweet search. Search for tweets directly by entering keywords in the Twitter Search field. Enter a specific topic, a collection of tweets related to that topic will appear.
  4. Collections. Enter the Collection ID that you created in TweetDeck in the Enter collection ID column.

To enter it, you just have to mark it by clicking on the small circle to the right of the post.

If you have collected the tweets you want, click Add to add them to your Moment.

4. Create the Cover Image (Cover)

Next, create a cover image for your Moment.

The method:

  • Step #1: Click the camera icon as shown in the following image:

  • Step #2: Select the provided image.

You can also take photos other than those provided. Click Add from Tweet URL and then enter the URL of the photo you want.

  • Step #3: After that, crop your photo to fit the size of the cover photo.

Then, crop your photo again to be your Moment thumbnail.

  • Step #4: Once done, click Done.

5. Publish Your Moment

After you have done all the steps above, you just have to click Publish to post your Moment.

How to View Twitter Moments

Apart from creating Moments, maybe you don’t know how to see other people’s Moments.

So, here’s how to view other accounts’ Twitter Moments:

  • Step #1: Go to the profile of the account you want to view the Moment.

Here, we take an example of an account from UEFA EURO 2020 (@EURO2020).

  • Step #2: Click the 3 dot symbol.
  • Step #3: Select View Moments.

Alright, that’s it…

Later, a list of Moments that have been created by the account will appear. Let me see!

You can also use this method on the Android or iOS cellphone application.


That’s the complete and latest tutorial on how to create Twitter moments. In addition, we will also discuss what Moments Twitter is and the development of its updates to date.

If you are able to create your own Twitter Moments, try sharing them in the comments column, OK!


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