7+ Ways to Add Twitter Followers Naturally, Free, and Safely

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Want to know how to increase Twitter followers? Come on, see the following article that discusses how to bring in Twitter followers, either naturally or using an application.

If you like to play social media, of course you are familiar with the name “followers” or “followers” and how to play.

Simply put, for example on Twitter, these followers are people who follow your activities on Twitter.

Everything you post will appear on their timeline, be it tweets, photos, videos, or anything else.

Well, in this article, we will learn how to get lots of Twitter followers, either naturally or using an application.

In addition, we will also discuss the positive and negative impacts of buying Twitter followers added services which are now widely circulating in the market.

At the end, a little review about the advantages of having a lot of Twitter followers, both for personal and from a business perspective.

How to Add Twitter Followers

Broadly speaking, here are 3 ways to add Twitter followers, namely: naturally without an application, using an application, and buying Twitter followers increasing services.

Adding Twitter Followers Naturally

This is the method we most recommend.

By adding followers naturally, your account will be safe from all kinds of problems, one of which is being banned from Twitter.

In addition, natural followers will provide a high interaction value. Simply put, the number of likes, comments, and retweets is indeed equivalent to the number of followers, aka not jomplang.

Now, netizens are smart, they can tell the difference between real followers, bot followers, followers from applications, purchased followers, and so on.

If your account followers are found to be unnatural, then your account might lose its reputation. And of course, rebuilding it would be more difficult.

Indeed, going this way will require more effort and time. However, the results of the followers you get will be of high quality because they produce high engagement.

Then, how to add followers naturally? This is a strategy you can do to increase your Twitter followers. Check out the following tips!

1. Edit account profile validly

Edit account profile validly

The first thing you have to do is how to make your account profile look original, professional, and pleasing to the eye.

Go to Edit profile on your Twitter account, there will be several fields that you need to fill in. Fill in various valid and original data available.

Use your real name, pen name, stage name, or nickname that is short and easy to remember. If it’s a business account, fill it in with your business name.

There is also a bio data column, location, website, and date of birth available. Complete the data valid and original.

In addition, you can also set a profile photo and cover photo. So, use quality and aesthetic photos, in terms of image capture, resolution, and branding.

That is, adjust the photo to what niche or category you will pursue.

2. Create an interesting bio

Actually, making a bio is also part of editing your Twitter account profile. However, there are things you need to do in filling out your Twitter profile bio.

Now imagine, when you are interested in following someone on Twitter, then you will open their profile to know more about that person, right?

Well, that’s the function of the bio on your Twitter profile, which is to briefly describe who you are, what your profession is, what your capacities are, and other things that you need to include.

If it’s a business account, then tell me about your business, what field you’re in, what your vision and mission are, what products, and so on.

So, for that, optimize your bio profile, make sure you have filled out a complete and attractive bio profile, and represent who you are or your business.

3. Useful Tweets

This is the essence of playing Twitter, which is to provide useful content.

On Twitter, the term is “tweet”, which is the main feature for sharing various kinds of content, it can be in the form of writing, images, videos, gifs, and even polling.

Well, so that your Twitter account is in demand and followed by many people, then share useful things often.

Because simply, what are the main factors that people want to follow an account? Yes, the only reason is because the account does provide benefits for them.

But before that, choose a niche first, about what your Twitter account will be in. Choose a niche that you are good at.

There are so many niches that you can choose from, including: fashion, culinary, travel, technology, health, beauty, games, automotive, music, and there are thousands more.

If you have, then you stay active and consistent to post useful things about the niche, it can be information, news, tips & tricks, or links to your website if you have one.

4. Use hashtags on twitter

Use hashtags on twitter

This is one of the most common tips used by everyone. This means that most Twitter kids also already know that using hashtags can reach many people with the same interests.

Simply put, a hashtag is a hashtag (#) used to gather people who are interested in the same topic on Twitter.

So, with hashtags, you can join in replying to comments and discussing a topic on Twitter with people who have the same interests.

Well, this can be a way for your Twitter account to be known by many people. Because with hashtags, your tweets can reach people who are not your followers.

If the content of your tweet is meaningful and useful, then these people will certainly not hesitate to follow your account.

One more tip you can do: use trending or rising hashtags.

On Twitter, we will find a special column that says Trends for you, which contains topics that are being discussed a lot by Twitter residents.

Well, there, choose a topic or hashtag, create a tweet that is relevant to that topic and your niche, enter the hashtag, then post.

That way, your content will reach more potential people.

5. Account promotion

In this digital era, you must have other social media accounts besides Twitter, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Quora, or others.

Well, through these accounts, you can promote your Twitter account to increase the number of followers.

You can insert your Twitter username in your Instagram bio, any status on Facebook, or any posts you write on Quora.

In addition, if you have a blog or website, you can also include your Twitter profile link in it.

Moreover, if the blog you manage already has a lot of traffic, then the opportunity to increase the number of Twitter followers is also getting bigger.

You can create a pop-up containing a follow link to your Twitter account that appears every time someone visits your blog.

In addition to pop-ups, you can also install a follow link to your Twitter account in the sidebar, navigation menu, footer, header, or others.

Adding Twitter Followers with Apps

In addition to adding Twitter followers naturally, we can also use applications or tools to help increase the number of our followers.

It should be underlined, the applications or tools that we will discuss below are only to help, not serve as the main method.

So, in addition to using these tools, you still need to do tips on how to bring in followers naturally, so that your many followers will still look natural.

In addition, the following tools do not directly increase followers at once, but help manage your social media activities to increase engagement.

Instead of taking too long, here are tools or applications that can help increase the number of your followers.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

For social media activists, Sprout Social may already be a very familiar tool.

The analytical features of Sprout Social are very important data to increase engagement on social media.

With this tool, all your monitoring needs can be accessed through a single dashboard that can be used by more than one person, thus supporting teamwork.

One of the reasons why Sprout Social is in demand by many people, one of which is its user interface which is very easy to use.

In addition, this tool also helps you to create content, manage posting schedules, and distribute promotional content on various social media that you have.

Not to mention its main feature, Smart Inbox.

With this feature, you can reply to messages, retweet or repost content, give likes, and various other activities using just this one tool.

So, not only as social media monitoring, Sprout Social can also be said as a social media listening tool.

To use this tool, please visit the official website directly at SproutSocial.com.

So, with the many features and functions provided, you could say this tool can increase your Twitter followers.

As an alternative, besides Sprout Social, you can also use Buffer or Hootsuite.

2. Owlead


If Sprout Social is used to manage activities on Twitter so as to increase engagement, then Owlead is indeed used to literally increase Twitter followers.

This tool is perfect for all types of Twitter accounts, both personal and business accounts.

To use this tool, you need to register an account first. To register, you must have at least 50 followers first.

To get 50 followers, we recommend using natural methods only. Don’t forget to also use your friends to follow your Twitter account.

If you have successfully registered, you will be directed to the campaign page.

There, you can narrow the user segment you want by entering keywords in your niche.

After that, then Ulead will work to add 50 followers every day to your account.

3. Twiends


Twiends is a tool to help increase your Twitter followers in no time.

In addition, with Twiends, you can also enter interests and countries so you can get followers who have the same interests as you.

As for how to use Twiends, you can follow these steps:

  • Open Twiends.com in your browser.
  • Click Sign this with Twitter.
  • Login with your Twitter account.
  • Click Authorize app to grant this app permission.
  • When you are on the dashboard, all you have to do is follow the suggested accounts.
  • The more accounts you follow, the more followers that enter your Twitter account.

Well, if you have too many followers, don’t worry, you can still unfollow these accounts.

Buying Services Add Twitter Followers

In addition to the methods above, there is actually one way to add Twitter followers quickly, which is to buy services for adding Twitter followers.

You can search on the Google search engine: services to add Twitter followers, then there will be many offers related to services to increase Twitter followers.

Not only followers, followers traders also usually offer likes, retweets, and the like.

But, is this method safe to use? Is there any negative impact? Is this method recommended?

You can answer it yourself after listening to reviews of the positive and negative impacts of buying the following Twitter followers added services.


Positive impact Negative impact
Can attract organic followers Prone to getting banned on Twitter
Appear more existent on Twitter Can lower reputation if caught
Low interaction value (unequal between the number of likes and retweets with followers
Difficult to measure Twitter ad performance

If you already understand the positive and negative impacts of buying Twitter followers added services, now adjust it to your needs to have a lot of followers.

If your need is to develop business and marketing, then buying this service is only helpful, not too much, so that your followers still look natural.

Advantages of Having Many Followers

So, what’s the point of having lots of followers?

Today, a large number of followers can be an opportunity to build financial coffers.

By having many followers, it is certainly easier to advertise a product, both your own product and someone else’s.

If you don’t have a product, it’s possible that there will be many offers to advertise other people’s products. Well, there you can set a fee for each time you post.

In addition, here are details of the benefits that you can get if you have a lot of followers on Twitter:

  • Known by many people. Including, you have the opportunity to interact with other influential people, such as entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, and so on.
  • As a medium for promoting your business. If you own a business, it will be easier for you to market your products on Twitter. Without the need to pay advertising fees, your product can already be seen by many people, namely your followers.
  • Open other people’s product advertising services. By having many followers, you will be eyed by entrepreneurs to offer their products. You just need to post their products on your Twitter, the payment will come to your account.
  • Open a service to add Twitter followers. In addition to advertising other people’s products, you can also promote other people’s Twitter accounts. Of course, here there is a fee too, dong.
  • Increase blog or website traffic. If you have a blog for a money site, then just use your Twitter account which has a lot of followers as a medium for promoting your blog.
  • And a bunch of other benefits…

In the age of social media like today, MSME entrepreneurs prefer to promote their products through social media, one of which is Twitter.

This may have become a business trend today. If you have a lot of followers on your Twitter account, then don’t waste this business opportunity!


That’s our discussion this time. Starting from what followers are, how to add Twitter followers, and the benefits if you have a lot of followers on Twitter.

If you have experience in the social media business, managing Twitter activities, and effective strategies to increase Twitter followers, don’t forget to share in the comments column, OK!


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