5 Tips on How to Check Original or Fake Oppo HP, 100% Easy

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How to Check Original Oppo – Oppo Smartphone is one of the well-known mobile phone brands from China which is currently very popular in the country.

The popularity of this OPPO brand cell phone is not only in terms of cellphone performance, but it can be said that cellphones with the OPPO brand also have quite affordable prices compared to Samsung or Sony brand Android cellphones.

In addition, even though the price of OPPO brand phones is quite affordable, it turns out that there are still many people who choose to buy OPPO brand phones with used or second conditions.

This of course makes you have to be wary of these items, the article is that many second hand cellphones already have conditions that are no longer good, such as problems with the touchscreen.

How to Check Original or Fake OPPO

How to Check Original or Fake OPPO

To check the original or fake OPPO cellphone, we really need the right accuracy, so we are not disappointed in buying the OPPO cellphone.

Yes, even if you buy a new OPPO cellphone, you still need to check all the hardware components on the OPPO cellphone.

Especially for those of you who will buy OPPO Brand HP with used or second-hand conditions.

How to find out the original or fake OPPO cellphone, you also have to know the current OPPO secret code.

This will certainly make you know all the hardware components that are on the OPPO HP.

Currently, many people know the secret code for the OPPO HP and are often used by everyone in checking the OPPO brand Android cellphone.

But for beginners, they definitely don’t know how to check for genuine or fake OPPO cell phones.

For that we will share a little information that you can learn, so you can check the condition of the original or fake OPPO cellphone.

Without further ado, here’s how to check the original or fake OPPO cellphone with the OPPO secret code. For more details, let’s read the article below.

1. How to Check OPPO with Secret Code

How to Check OPPO with Secret Code

To check OPPO HP with this secret code, the method is quite easy, but many people don’t know it.

Yes, the secret code is also commonly called Engineer Mode. Well, by using this code we can check OPPO HP like we are an engineer from the Oppo company.

And here’s how to check a used Oppo cellphone with a secret code.

  • The first step, you need to run the dial up application on our Oppo Hp.
  • Next we enter the code *#800#.
  • Well, after we input the code. Then the Engineer Mode will automatically appear. There we can test various components.
  • Then test all menus carefully. The menu is also divided into several categories making it easier for us to deal with it.

Frequently Used OPPO Secret Codes

In addition to using some of the secret codes above, OPPO also still has several secret codes that you can use to check whether the OPPO cellphone is genuine or not.

Well, to check the authenticity of the OPPO cellphone, here are some secret OPPO cellphone codes.

  1. *#1234# is used to display firmware information.
  2. *#809# is used to display engineering test echo mode.
  3. *#06# is used to check the IMEI number of the OPPO cellphone.
  4. *#802# is used for engineering TTFF GPS mode tests.
  5. *#803# is used for engineering network tests.
  6. *#07# is used for test history.

What is OPPO Engineering Mode Menu?

In checking OPPO HP with a secret code, we will also be faced with how many Engineering menus can be checked one by one carefully.

For more details, let’s look at the functions of the Engineering menus on the OPPO HP.

  1. Receiver test, here we can hear a sound indicating that there is a notification notification on the OPPO cellphone. Listen carefully to the sound that comes out, if the sound is good to hear, it means the components on this cell phone are in good condition.
  2. Bluetooth test, this is a menu to test the Bluetooth connection in sending or receiving files. This feature will automatically run when we press it.
  3. FM test, this is used to check the condition of the radio wave transmitter. The transmitter is used to intercept radio signals. Listen to the sound that comes out of the radio waves that are caught.
  4. Camera test, this is useful for testing the main camera. In this menu we can try all the features on the main camera. We can also take some photos and then we will see the results. If the photos are good then the camera quality is still good.
  5. SIM card test, useful for testing OPPO SIM card brass.
  6. Vibrator test, used to test the vibrations generated by our HP. Feel the vibration well, if the vibration is intermittent then there is a problem with the vibration component on the OPPO HP.
  7. Speaker test, this is used to test the clarity of the sound produced by our OPPO HP speakers. You only need to pay attention to the sound that comes out on the Oppo cellphone whether it is still clear or not.
  8. Headset test, useful for testing the sound from the OPPO headset. If the sound produced is clear, it means that there is no problem with the headset and the headset port.
  9. Battery test, this is used to test the condition of the OPPO HP battery. This menu will display accurate information about battery usage and the percentage of battery damage.
  10. Wifi test, this is used to test the existing Wifi features on this OPPO cellphone. We can try to connect with Wifi networks that are around us.
  11. LCD test, used to check the condition of the LCD, especially on the color contrast of the LCD. So make sure the resulting color is in good condition.
  12. GPS test, used to test the accuracy of the GPS signal on the OPPO cellphone.

2. How to Check OPPO from Box or Cellphone Box

How to Check OPPO from Box or Cellphone Box

When we buy a new cell phone, there must be a sticker on the HP box which is usually on the back of the HP box.

Usually the sticker has some information about the RAM capacity, IMEI number, chipset and some other information about the cellphone.

In addition, the HP box must also contain the name of the HP and the type of HP that will inform consumers about the brand and type of HP.

In addition to the box, on the back of the OPPO phone body there is also a striker who will also provide complete information about the specifications of the OPPO cellphone.

With this, you can certainly understand about the OPPO cellphone properly and correctly even though you buy this OPPO cellphone in a second condition.

3. How to Check OPPO with About Phone

How to Check OPPO with About Phone

For how to check the next OPPO cellphone, you can visit the settings menu on every OPPO brand cell phone.

In this menu you can directly select tap the settings menu then scroll down until you find the About Phone menu.

After that, tap your menu, you will be taken to a page that shows the specifications of the OPPO cellphone, starting from the type of OPPO cellphone to the battery capacity used.

From some of the secret codes above that are often used by OPPO HP users, namely the code *#06#, this serves to check the IMEI number of the Oppo HP so that we can know whether this OPPO cellphone is genuine or fake.

So be more careful in choosing an Android cellphone with the OPPO brand by checking all the components and physical conditions of the cell phone.

4. Check Price Differences

Check Price Differences

OPPO is a smartphone brand that sells HP units at a fairly high price.

But the high price of OPPO does not make people’s interest go down to buying OPPO brand cell phones.

Just keep in mind that if there is an OPPO cellphone that is sold far from its market price, it can be ascertained that the OPPO cellphone is fake.

For example, there is an OPPO HP brand F5 RAM 4GB, with a low price of around 1 million. So from here you can see the price difference on the OPPO F5 with 4GB Ram, there are cheaper ones.

If you find a price that is cheaper than the market price, please ask first whether the cellphone is a used item or not.

If it’s brand new, it’s clearly a fake or someone trying to trick you.

Keep in mind that OPPO phones that are sold generally have the same price from one seller to another. Except for private sellers.

5. Check OPPO HP Warranty

Check OPPO HP Warranty

How to check the original or not HP OPPO can be by checking the warranty card. Indeed, the makers of fake OPPO cell phones can easily make a warranty card similar to the original.

But the name of fake goods will definitely appear if the card is not as good as the original warranty card.

Also make sure that the OPPO HP warranty is a cellphone that is produced and sold under the PT Indonesia OPPO Electronics flag.

If the warranty card says another company, it could be a fake OPPO cellphone. Even if it’s not, the cellphone is an original OPPO cellphone purchased from abroad.

You can also check your OPPO HP warranty online. Like in the first method.

So, the information above is how to check for genuine or fake OPPO cell phones for all types of OPPO cell phones.

So in this way you can check all types of OPPO cell phones, both new and used

Thus the information that we can convey, hopefully it can be useful for all of you. Thank you.

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