6 How to Add Extensions to iPhone Phone Numbers

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How to Add Extensions to iPhone Phone Numbers – Number extensions allow large companies to connect callers to different departments and employees.

There are a few short routes to saving time when calling company extension numbers.

Thanks to the advanced operating system, you can even program your phone by pressing an extension.

Here’s how to quickly add an extension call button to contacts on iPhone:

1. How to Add Extensions to iPhone Phone Numbers

How to Add Extensions to iPhone Phone

  1. Open Contacts and select the contact name to add the extension to, then select the “Edit” button.
  2. Select a phone number entry, place the cursor at the end, then select the “+ * #” button to access additional options.
  3. Select “wait” then enter the extension after that it will add a semicolon and the extension after that to the address that appears like: 1-888-555-5555; 123.
  4. Select “Done” and please exit the contact.
  5. Now call the contact to find the “Dial 123” button that has appeared, then choose any time you want to call the extension.

That’s what it looks like on a phone call, as you can see in a contact’s phone entry the contact number is segmented by a semicolon, indicating the extension after the phone number.

Then, when on an active call to a saved contact, the “Dial ***” button will appear. This works in all versions of iOS, although it may look a little different.

Extensions can also be added from the Mac in Contacts (Address Book) by adding a semicolon to the number followed by the extension, just make sure to sync it through the same iCloud account or it won’t switch to iPhone.

Anyone who frequently uses extensions to reach specific people in the office, or anyone who has struggled with automated phone systems knows how useful this can be.

You can even set a series of numbers, although the Dial button remains the same.

2. How to Call Extension Numbers on iPhone

How to Call Extension Numbers on iPhone

Here’s how to call an extension number via iPhone SmartPhone, as for the method as follows.

1. Dial the number you want to call

Open the dial pad and enter the number you want to call.

2. Add “Pause” if you are going to enter the extension as soon as the phone is picked up.

If you can enter the extension immediately after picking up the phone, the “Pause” function will automatically enter the extension number after waiting a while:

  • Press and hold the * key to add a comma (,) at the end of the number. This symbol represents a two second pause before the extension is pressed. If you can’t press and hold the * button, tap the (⋮) button after the phone number and select Add pause. If this doesn’t work either, tap the number field to open your on-screen keyboard, then press a comma.
  • You can add some commas to wait longer. This method may be useful for phone systems that require a pause before you can enter an extension number.
  • On Windows phones, you have to type a comma in another app, copy it, and then paste it at the end of the phone number.

3. Add “Pause” if the extension can only be pressed after the entire menu has been played.

Some extensions cannot be entered until the entire menu service is autoplayed or before certain options are selected.

The “Pause” function will display the extension on your screen and you will specify when the extension should be entered:

  • Press and hold the # key to add a semicolon (;) to the end of the phone number. This symbol represents a pause and the next extension will not be pressed until you command it.
  • If you are using a Windows phone, you must add “w” instead of “;”. These letters must be copied and pasted from other applications that can be used for typing.

4. Type the Extension Number After Your Symbol.

After adding the pause symbol, type in the number of the extension that you want your smartphone to automatically dial.

5. Call the Number

Your phone will call the number. After dialing the number, depending on the symbol you used, your smartphone will either press the extension you entered (,) or you will be prompted to specify which extension to press (;).

  • If you select the pause button (;), you will be able to select the part of the menu that will allow you to enter the extension number first.
  • Once you are in the right part of the menu, tap on Send in your phone window to press the extension.

6. Add Numbers with Extensions to Your Contacts.

If you press this extension frequently, you can add the number to your phone contacts. All extension symbols and numbers will be saved at once.

Tips on How to Call Extensions on iPhone

You can also dial an extension number when using an online telephone provider, such as Skype.

Dial the company phone number. Click the icon that is a square filled with dots to display the phone button.

Enter your extension number in the phone keypad when prompted.

Maybe that’s all we can say about how to add a phone number extension on the iPhone, so hopefully it’s useful. Thank you.

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