4 Ways to Connect OPPO Smartphone to TV, 100% Success

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How to Connect OPPO HP to TV – Do you like watching videos, movies, TV series, and dramas on Youtube, Netflix, and other streaming services on your smartphone?

Because it is fairly easy, so it makes you watch movies and other videos more often through smartphones.

Moreover, you can watch videos from HP Oppo to TV, maybe it will be even more fun.

However, before using, you must first know how to connect the OPPO HP to the TV.

The main reason is the small and limited screen of the cellphone makes viewing activities not optimal.

For this reason, if there is an intention to connect an OPPO phone with a TV, then we have prepared everything.

Watching through a television screen is not only more comfortable and free, but watching activities becomes even more exciting because it can be done together with family and friends.

No need to linger, see how to connect an OPPO cellphone to a TV, as for the method as follows.

1. Connecting OPPO HP to TV Using Cable 

Cara Menghubungkan Smartphone OPPO ke TV

The first way you can do so that your OPPO cellphone is connected to the TV is by using a cable.

You only need to prepare additional cables, such as an HDMI to HDMI cable and an MHL (USB to HDMI) cable.

Make sure your TV has a spare HDMI port. Generally, each port has a code written AV1, AV2, and many more.

Then you just need to plug the HDMI cable into one of the ports. If your OPPO device doesn’t support HDMI, you can use MHL.

Make sure that the OPPO device you have supports the MHL cable device.

Also, make sure the MHL cable has 2 connectors that can connect with the OPPO phone.

If everything has been prepared, here are the steps to connect the cellphone with a cable.

  1. First turn off your TV.
  2. If the TV is already turned off, insert the HDMI cable port to the TV and the USB cable port to the OPPO device.
  3. If the cable is plugged in, turn on your TV.
  4. Point the TV channel to HDMI.
  5. In the OPPO phone settings select the HDMI Connections option. 

2. How to Connect an Oppo HP to a Tv Without Cables

How to Connect an Oppo HP to Tv Without Cables

In addition to without using a cable, you can also still connect the OPPO cellphone to the TV.

However, you have to make sure that the TV used is a Smart TV and an OPPO cellphone that already supports screen mirroring or multi-screen.

If both conditions are not met, use the first method and the next method.

For how to connect an OPPO cellphone to a TV, without cables, it’s as follows.

  1. Enable screen mirroring or multi-screen on the OPPO HP.
  2. Then turn on the TV and Enable screen mirroring in TV settings.
  3. After activating screen mirroring, the name of the TV device will appear on the OPPO HP screen.
  4. Choose according to the name of the tv device on the OPPO cellphone, then select OK.
  5. Usually there will be a delay of a few seconds to connect, wait until the OPPO HP screen is on the TV.  

3. Connecting OPPO HP Using Miracast Application 

Connecting OPPO HP Using Miracast Application

In addition to without using a cable, the way to connect to a TV is by using the Miracast Application for Android To TV: Wifi Display.

This cool application is an application specifically designed to be able to connect a cellphone screen to a television screen.

The features offered by Miracast also vary, ranging from screen sharing, changing resolutions easily, supporting many Android devices, and much more.

Before using the application, you need to pay attention to the following things.

  • Check your TV whether it can connect with Miracast or WiFi display.
  • Make sure the TV and OPPO device are connected to the same WiFi.

If so, here are the steps on how to connect your OPPO phone to a TV via the Miracast Application.

  1. If you don’t have this app on your OPPO device, first download Miracast on Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on WiFi on your OPPO device.
  3. If so, open the Miracast application that has been successfully downloaded.
  4. Press Connect, turn on multi-screen interaction.
  5. After that go to smart TV settings, activate the Screen Mirroring/ Miracast/ Anycast/ Screen Sharing feature.
  6. If it is successfully activated, the device name will appear on your OPPO device.
  7. After that select the name of the TV listed on your OPPO device, connect it
  8. The process is complete. You just need to wait and then the OPPO device screen will be successfully projected onto the television screen.

 4. Connecting OPPO HP Using Google Chromecast

How to Connect an Oppo HP to a Tv Without Cables

Not only Miracast application can connect OPPO devices to TV, but Google Chromecast is also worth a try.

Google Chromecast itself is a streaming media adapter from Google that is useful for playing online content on a television screen.

Basically the Google Chromecast works pretty much the same way as AirPlay and Apple TV.

You only need to be connected to a WiFi network that is already connected to the Google Chromecast.

Connecting with Google Chromecast is quite easy, here are the steps you must follow.

  1. If you don’t have this app yet, first install Google Chromecast on the Google Play Store.
  2. If you have activated WiFi on the OPPO device.
  3. Next, point the TV channel to HDMI using the remote control.
  4. Then you are asked to enter the code listed on the television screen via the Google Chromecast application as a synchronization process.

What If OPPO Device Can’t Connect to TV?

What If OPPO Device Can't Connect to TV

Not a few OPPO device owners complain that their cellphones can’t be connected to the TV.

That’s why you must first make sure your OPPO device and TV support to be able to do this screen mirroring.

Make sure your TV is a Smart TV type that supports additional Apps or other wired device connections.

If not, it is not impossible that the OPPO TV or cellphone will fail to read the system and have an impact on not being able to connect properly.

Those are 3 ways to easily connect OPPO HP to TV. With screen mirroring, you can watch your favorite movies and videos more comfortably and freely.

So hopefully it will be useful at a glance on how to connect an OPPO cellphone to a TV. Thank you.

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