How to View a Protected Twitter Account, 100% Powerful!

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Want to know how to see a protected Twitter account? Is it possible to view protected Twitter accounts without following? Check out the full review below, yes!

Seeing protected accounts on Twitter is often curious, isn’t it? Moreover, the account belongs to the person we want to point to.

Maybe you’ve experienced it too. Searched for his name on Twitter, found his account, and it turned out that his account was protected or private.

Not only that, sometimes we are required to stalk someone’s Twitter account for various matters, whether it’s work, trade, friendship, or other matters.

Confused, you finally browsed to Google with the keyword “how to view a protected Twitter account”.

There are many tutorials but none of them work, because the tutorials have expired.

If it’s like this, then don’t just give up, because you are at the right content.

Here, we will discuss how to view protected Twitter accounts, do you need additional applications, and do they still work for now?

Well, instead of being curious, here are tips and tricks on how to view a protected Twitter account.

Viewing Protected Accounts without Following, Still Can?

If we search on Google, “how to view protected Twitter”, then many blogs and sites appear that provide tutorials.

The problem is, when I try, none of these tutorials can be used, aka they have expired.

On average, these tutorials use web-based tools to view protected Twitter accounts.

But in fact, these web-based tools can no longer be opened. I also don’t know if the tool is problematic, illegal, or what.

Here I summarize some tutorials that are often posted by these sites. Please try it yourself, yes!

  1. Go to
  2. Replace “id_twitter” with the username of the account you want to point to.


  1. Go to
  2. Replace “id_twitter” with the username of the account you want to point to.


  1. Go to
  2. Replace “id_twitter” with the username of the account you want to point to.

How to View Protected Twitter Accounts Properly

Well, how, have you tried the methods above? Did it work? I guarantee it doesn’t work, because maybe Twitter has updated the security and privacy features of its users.

If it doesn’t work, so what? Relax, you can follow the following method.

This method is fairly simple, really. You don’t need to install additional applications, browse through certain web tools, don’t need to be able to programming languages, and don’t charge a penny.

If you’re ready, follow these steps, OK!

  • Step #1: Go to and login using your account.

You can use a browser on your laptop or the Twitter application on your cellphone.

  • Step #2: Find the protected account you want to point to and open its profile.
  • Step #3: If so, click Follow on the account.

  • Step #4: To be more effective, mention the account with polite words.

If it’s a friend, you can greet him so he’ll remember it’s you.

If it’s someone you don’t know, you can also greet them and ask for approval politely.

For example:

  • Step #5: After that, wait until your follow request is approved by him.

Well, if he has received it, a notification will appear on your Twitter. If that’s the case, then you can see the person’s tweets.

If you do it right and have a good attitude, you should definitely be approved.


Yes, that’s about it, yes.

In essence, the tutorials circulating on the internet on how to view a protected Twitter account without following can no longer be used, aka have expired.

As a solution, you can use the tips and tricks that we just discussed, yes.

How, if you’ve managed to do it, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments column, OK!

Have a nice day!

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