4 How To Fix iPhone XR Hang, 100% Fast and Easy

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How to solve iPhone XR hangs, of course, is needed by iPhone XR users.

Where sometimes the problem of hanging on a smartphone is a common thing, as well as on the iPhone XR.

Where the iPhone is known to be a sophisticated smartphone, but of course sometimes there are problems.

Despite having advanced features, the iPhone XR is also man-made which sometimes has flaws.

Including the hang problem itself, every smartphone of course has experienced this problem.

But you don’t need to worry if you have problems hanging on your iPhone XR. Because there are several ways you can overcome this problem. Therefore here are some of them:

1. How to Overcome IPhone XR Hanging By Restarting

How to Overcome IPhone XR Hanging By Restarting

For the most basic method, of course, restarting your iPhone XR or what is more often called a restart.

Where the way itself is like you just press the power button and hold it for a while.

After that select restart, then later your iPhone will restart by itself. But if that doesn’t work, you can try to do the next reset.

This is a type of restart that is somewhat more comprehensive and can sometimes solve your problem, including the hang problem itself.

2. Using Recovery Mode

Then the second is to do recovery mode, where when you use the recovery mode, later you can connect to iTunes and install a new version of iOS or back up user data to the device.

It is a fairly simple process and also helps to resolve the problem in some cases, including the hang itself.

3. Using DFU Mode

Besides that, you can also use how to fix the iPhone XR hangs by using DFU Mode.

Where can you do this method if the two methods above can’t make your iPhone back to normal.

DFU itself is Device Firmware Update, where this mode can stop your iPhone when it starts to let every user connect to iTunes, then restore the iPhone and also restart your device.

Using DFU Mode itself takes some practice as it requires a precise set of steps.

To be able to enter the DFU Mode, you must connect your iPhone XR to the computer with a USB cable.

Then access iTunes on your computer. Then turn off your iPhone, if later your iPhone won’t turn off, you need to press and side button simultaneously with the volume down button.

You can hold both buttons for about 10 seconds. After that release the button but keep holding the volume down button for 5 seconds.

If something later appears on the screen, or the Apple logo, then a connect to iTunes message and whatnot, you’re not in DFU mode.

So it is necessary to start the process from the first step again. However, if the screen of your iPhone remains black and does not display anything, you are already in DFU Mode.

Once you are in DFU Mode, a pop up window will appear in iTunes on your computer asking you to restore your iPhone to its original settings such as buying a new one or backing up user data to your phone.

So those are some ways to deal with the iPhone XR that often hangs which you can try to do.

Basically the cause of this happening is most likely due to a problem with the operating system that is stopping the iPhone from starting up normally.

In general, the hang problem appears when updating to the latest version of iOS.

Then there is the issue of jailbreaking the phone and also the device is running the beta version of the iOS which is out of date.

So you really have to be diligent in checking the iOS update to avoid the hang problem.

But if all of these methods can’t fix your iPhone, the last step, of course, is to take it to a service center.

Where later you will know better what the problem is and how to fix the iPhone XR hangs. However, there are some costs that you will incur later.

But it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that your iPhone XR can return to normal, right?


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