3 How to Change Ava Twitter on the Easiest HP and Laptop/PC

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Want to change your Twitter profile photo but don’t know how? Just look at the tutorial on how to change the following Twitter ava!

Every social media user is familiar with the name profile picture or profile photo. On any social media platform, there must be such a thing as a profile photo.

Well, on Twitter, this profile picture has several names. Among them, there are those who call DP or display picture, profile photo, to avatar or shortened to ava.

Ava on Twitter is a round-shaped photo or image that always appears along with your profile name and username.

Sometimes, it’s boring if Twitter’s ava hasn’t been replaced for months. It seems, you might also want to change ava Twitter because you want to show a new face for your Twitter account.

If you are not familiar with how to change your Twitter ava, or only know how to use your cellphone, then find out more through the various ways and steps to change your Twitter profile photo below!

1. Changing Ava Twitter on Android Phones

If you create a Twitter account for the first time, you will be asked to enter a profile photo so that others can identify who owns the account.

Twitter itself has provided an introduction to uploading profile photos correctly.

Follow these steps:

  • Step #1: Open the Twitter application on your Android phone, then log in to your account.
  • Step #2: Tap your profile photo in the top-left corner, then tap your profile photo again to go to your Profile page.
  • Step #3: Once on the Profile page, tap Edit profile.

  • Step #4: To replace ava, you can tap the + sign in the round profile photo section.

  • Step #5: Then, tap Select an existing photo to take a picture from your cell phone gallery.
  • Step #6: After that, select the image you want to make as your Twitter ava.
  • Step #7: Next, adjust the cropping of the image to fit the round shape.
  • Step #8: Once done, tap Use in the top-right corner.

  • Step #9: Finally, tap Save in the top-right corner.

Already, your Twitter ava has changed with the photo or image you just selected.

2. Changing Ava Twitter on PC/Laptop

Another way to replace Twitter ava that can be done is through the help of a PC or laptop.

With the intermediary of using PCs and laptops, you need a web browser or download the available applications in order to access Twitter.

When you are tired of the old ava, of course you have the desire to immediately replace it with a new one.

Moreover, if what was previously installed was a photo of yourself that seemed to need to be updated to make it more fresh.

However, there are times when you save a photo or image file that has been prepared on your PC or laptop drive.

If so, follow the steps below!

  • Step #1: Open Twitter.com in your laptop/PC browser, then login to your account.
  • Step #2: Once open, click Profile in the navigation menu on the left.

Changing Ava Twitter on PC

  • Step #3: Arriving at the Profile page, click Edit profile.

  • Step #4: After the Edit profile pop-up opens, click the + sign on your profile photo.

  • Step #5: Next, select the photo or image that is on your laptop or PC memory.
  • Step #6: Next, adjust the cropping of the photo, then click Register.

  • Step #7: Finally, click Save.

Changing Ava Twitter on PC4

Already, your profile photo or Twitter ava has been automatically replaced with the one you just selected.

If you experience failure, it is possible that your photo or image does not comply with Twitter’s provisions.

The solution, try to make sure that the ava format you are using is PNG, GIF, or JPEG with a resolution capacity that has been determined from the start.

It never hurts to use a converter tool to adjust the format that has been determined previously.

If there is a problem replacing ava when doing it through a browser, check the browser version again and then update the version so that its performance is maximized.

Generally, this problem can occur because there are certain problems with your PC or laptop or browser version.

3. Changing Ava Twitter on iPhone

Broadly speaking, replacing ava Twitter via an iPhone is almost the same as a smartphone based on Android.

Keep in mind that Twitter only accepts ava that has GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats for uploading in the profile photo section.

Twitter does not recommend and does not support the use of animated GIFs as ava.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the size of the image with the maximum file that can be uploaded is 2 MB.

Meanwhile, the dimensions commonly used as profile photos are 400 x 400 pixels.

How to change ava Twitter on iPhone devices is really easy and tends to be familiar like other gadgets.

  1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone, then log into your account.
  2. Slide or swipe the screen to the right, then tap your profile photo to enter the Profile page.
  3. Once in Profile, tap Edit profile on the right.
  4. On the Edit profile page, you can tap the profile photo thumbnail to change it.
  5. Next, find and select the photo or image you want to make as an ava.
  6. After that, make adjustments to the image to make it a circle.
  7. If it’s appropriate, tap Use in the upper-right corner to upload it.
  8. Once replaced, tap Save in the top-right corner.

Already, your avatar photo has been replaced with the photo or image you want.


That’s how to change Twitter ava based on the device you use to update the appearance on this one social media.

In essence, ava is short for avatar, it means the same as display picture, profile photo, DP, and so on.

Before making changes, make sure that you have followed all the conditions set by Twitter to make it easier for users to edit profiles.

If there are difficulties, try asking in the comments column below, OK!

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